A Virtual CFO

Many small companies utilize the services of a bookkeeper to maintain their records. Some may have a controller. Most small companies cannot afford a Chief Financial Officer however, all can benefit from the expertise of a professional CFO.

Utilizing a virtual CFO (aka part-time CFO, fractional CFO) makes this not only affordable but provides many of the same benefits.

My goal is to help you grow your business with higher profitability and improved cash flow. This will lead to higher ROI and increase the value of the business.
virtual cfo virtual cfo Chuck Warczakowski fractional cfo roi
When should you consider a virtual CFO:
  • You don’t have a bookkeeper or they are only part time
  • You are spending time on tasks that don’t help you grow your business
  • You need to prepare a presentation to bankers or investors
  • You need a business plan or strategic plan
  • You need to secure a line of credit or raise capital
  • You are looking to increase your profitability
  • You need improved financial reporting
  • You are looking for a trusted advisor to help with business decisions or ideas

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    virtual cfo virtualcfo Chuck Warczakowski fractional cfo roi